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I have lived in Redwood City for 25 years and I care deeply about my community. I have served on the City Council for the past eight years and I continue working hard to protect and enhance our neighborhoods, carefully manage growth, protect the environment, maintain fiscal stability, and improve local schools.

Alicia Aguirre

The Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco and the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) present the
“OHTLI” Award to Alicia Aguirre
Mayor of Redwood City

The Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco is pleased to announce that, on behalf of the Mexican Government, Mr. Francisco de la Torre, Executive Director of IME, will present the “Ohtli” Award to Alicia Aguirre, Mayor of Redwood City, during the session of the City Council on November 4th.

The ”Ohtli” Award is the highest honor bestowed on a member of the Mexican or Mexican-American community. This award acknowledges and celebrates the altruistic dedication and constant professional activities towards the empowerment and development of Mexicans abroad.

The word Ohtli means “pathway” in Nahuatl (language spoken by the Aztecs), and this is what this distinction signifies: to open the path to progress. The title honors and recalls the continued tradition of Aztec descendants who still bid farewell with the phrase “Cualli ohtli!” (Good trail/journey). The award consists of a medallion, a silver rosette, and a diploma.

Alicia Aguirre is the first Mayor of Mexican origin in Redwood City, a city where one third of the population is Mexican, mainly from the states of Michoacán and Jalisco. Alicia Aguirre’s career is emblematic of a new generation of Latina women participating in public life in California. From within politics, teaching, community life and as a mother, Aguirre has been instrumental in empowering Mexican-Americans, Latinos and other new Americans so they can participate fully in the communities where they live.

§In her various leadership positions, she has fostered the integration of Mexican and Latino communities and celebrated their cultural heritage. The “Ohtli” Award is a symbol of appreciation of Mayor Aguirre’s support and actions made throughout the years towards helping others and opening the path to progress for Mexicans living both within and beyond the frontiers of their home country.

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