Safe and Vibrant Neighborhoods

The residents of Redwood City expect City Hall to invest their tax dollars wisely in programs and services that protect their quality of life, their families, and their property. As our local economy continues to regain its strength, I will support more resources for our public safety, neighborhood services, and recreation, library, and senior programs.

Partnerships in Education

As a professor, it is essential to me that Redwood City continue to partner with our local school districts to provide after school programs and other activities that nurture the children and youth in our community to ensure they are well educated and provided their parents with recreation options to keep them engaged and safe.

Building Consensus and Finding Common Sense Solutions

I pride myself on building consensus and creating common sense solutions to the issues facing our city and our region. I will continue to have an open door policy to meet with any residents or organizations involved in a dialog about public policy issues at City Hall. I will always listen to all sides of a debate and look for the common sense solution or compromise.

Fiscal Responsibility

In Redwood City we have worked collaboratively with our employee groups to negotiate wage and benefit adjustments which will save the City millions of dollars. Redwood City’s budget is balanced through a common sense approach to cooperation with our employees, efficiencies in delivering our city services, and seeking new revenue generating opportunities while still preserving essential services. I will continue to approach our fiscal responsibilities moving forward with the same goals.

Economic Development

Redwood City’s downtown plan has resulted in the beginnings of a thriving new neighborhood with residents and businesses of all sizes.  The downtown plan was always envisioned as a way to protect our established residential neighborhoods from growth and development by focusing new construction in the downtown core.  For now, we need to finish the projects approved under the Downtown Precise Plan before we consider any additional downtown growth.

Community Benefits and Housing for All Income Levels

I support requiring developers to pay fees that will provide community benefits to residents and neighborhoods across Redwood City.  Our entire community should benefit from downtown’s renaissance.  I also support affordable housing for residents of all income levels and I support partnerships with existing and new affordable housing developers.

Protecting Redwood City’s Quality of Life

Issues involving land use, transportation, economic development, and protecting core neighborhood services such as public safety, recreation, and senior services determine the livability and quality of life in Redwood City. I will work to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Redwood City by balancing the needs of residents and business in our public policy decisions at City Hall.